Corrupted File Finder

Ever spent an absurd amount of time filtering corrupted from good data? Well, this is for you!


Features designed to assist data recovery professionals

00/FF/BB hex pattern algorithm

Calculating 00/FF/BB percentage filling on your files. 0kb files are tagged by default.

Customized Hex String

Many cloning software / hardware use custom fills for bad sectors, this option allows you to select a custom string that suits your needs.

Moving Corrupted Files to another folder

This option allows you in a easy way to list all the corrupted files for client-report ease.

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    Download the Software

    You can download it here.

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    Generate your key

    Upon opening the software follow the steps required to generate your license, copy your key and:
    1) Donate 45€ to this account
    2) Paste the generated key in the payment notes.
    In the following hours you will receive an e-mail containing your license, valid for the computer where you generated the key for.

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    Enjoy your life

    Do something with the time you spent manually looking for corrupted files.


Whatever suits your needs

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